Updates for June 2002

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New Website of the Week today! :) That's it for now! :)


Apologies for the lack of updates, been on vacation! Website of the Week returns next week! :) Today: Updated the Alanis Morissette news and discography!


Updated the soulDecision discography and news. Updated the Alanis Morissette discography and news. Corrected the spelling of her bandmates' names on the live transcripts. Put up the lyrics to: Bent 4 U, Offer, Sorry 2 Myself, Not The Doctor (Live In Japan), Purgatorying, and Superstar Wonderful Weirdos. Finally, updated the credits page! :)


New Website of the Week today! That's it, sorry!


Updated the Alanis Morissette and soulDecision news. Also put up the July 2002 updates page, which led to updates on the Fonts and Site Map pages!


Put up a new counter on the July 2002 Updates page!


Updated the Alanis Morissette news, and put up the transcript to last night's appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Page landmarks: Thank U Alanis Morissette Lyrics @ 11000, Push Character Page @ 8000, Push A Little Harder Multimedia Gallery @ 28000, Maureen Flannign Picture Gallery @ 14000, Jaime Pressly Picture Gallery @ 92000, Jason Behr Picture Gallery @ 86000, Dawson's Creek @ 20000, Dawson's Creek Character Page @ 31000, and Friends @ 5000


Updated the Alanis Morissette news and discography


New Website of the week today. Also updated the Push A Little Harder links and news, updated the Friends, Dawson's Creek, and Alanis Morissette news, and put up pictures of Trevor on Already Know My Name!


Put up the transcript from Alanis' appearance at Summer Music Mania, and put up MIDI's for Hands Clean and So Unsexy!


Put up the lyrics to 10,000 Promises and If I Don't Have You on Flying Into The Millennium!


Just a new website of the week today! :)

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